Dont Call them X-Babies Anymore! The New Mutants Trailer is here

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After being in Film Purgatory, the New Mutants are finally here and it is glorious! Ever since the acquisition of Twentieth Century Fox, fans were worried that the House of Mouse (and recently Kevin Feige taking over at Marvel Studios, including being in charge of X-Men films ever since the 20th Century Fox Deal.) But now fans can breathe easy knowing that the New Mutants are on their way onto the Big Screen and with them, they’re bringing something Horrific.

The New Mutants: Trailer

“An original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring.”while trying to figure out what’s happening as “strange occurrences begin to come into light, Magik, Wolfsbane and other teenage mutants try to come to grips with their superpowers while staying at a secret facility.


As mentioned earlier, it was potentially in a Film Purgatory, it was planned in 2015 and was in developed in 2016; then here is where it starts to get strange, The filming ended in September 2017 but went downhill quickly. A year later Fox decided to move it to 2019 for a release date to let Deadpool 2 run without any Marvel films to compete within the Fox line-up. Then months later it was moved back even further due to Dark Phoenix, another X-Men film that Dark Phoenix wouldn’t have another Marvel film from Fox to compete with; although in this writer’s honest opinion it would have been any trouble with the New Mutants, with Dark Phoenix’s Colossal flop in the Box Office. The film is supposed to be released on April 3rd, 2020 and here is hoping that there will not be any more delays.

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What are your thoughts about this new Trailer? Are you looking forward to the new film? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below; if you would like to read our review of the story of The New Mutants: Warchildren, click here.

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