A First Look at Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Thanks to Vanity Fair)


🎶Something’s Strange.. In your Neighborhood.. Who’re you gonna call?🎶 a familiar jingle that fans have grown to love over the years, now with the Ghostbusters on their 35th Anniversary we’re finally getting a chance to see the long-awaited sequel of the original Ghostbusters series (The Rebooted Ghostbusters film serves more like an Elseworlds story, some fans don’t want to look at it that way but truthfully it does.) Titled Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Monday we will be getting a chance to check out the new trailer, until then; here are some pictures and a poster of the new film thanks to Vanity Fair.

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife Poster
  • ghostbusters-first-look-paul-rudd
  • ghostbusters-first-look-2
  • ghostbusters-first-look-3
  • ghostbusters-first-look-4

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