Resident Evil 3 Remake teased on PSN


Internet and Social Media were shocked to find on Playstation Network new images for a possible remake for the third chapter of Resident Evil, titled Resident Evil 3.

The Prolific Industry Observer, Nibel, posted four new visual images from the PSN regarding the RE3 remake. News websites such as GamesRadar, Polygon, and IGN have mentioned that the website that tracks data was added to PSN via the System’s API is called GameStat. According to Japanese Data Banks, there were three Resident Evil games added, the first one being the newest co-op multiplayer game called Project Resistance but most likely the other was Resident Evil 3. In the images, there was Jill Valentine and Carlos, and the Nemesis. While these images have appeared it is hinted that we may be seeing a remake for Resident Evil 3 while Capcom hasn’t confirmed, or denied these images yet.


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