Aggretsuko and Africa Salaryman crossover in new video


Today might be Retsuko’s Birthday but it looks like she’ll be having her birthday at the office, but she isn’t alone I assure you, she is joined by the cast of Africa Salaryman!

November 6th marked the Red Panda’s birthday and according to the Animate Times, a new collaboration video that was recently posted from Kadokawa’s Youtube Channel showing the animal office workers from both shows getting together for an inter-office Exchange meeting/ Birthday party.

The Series is based on the Manga created by Gamu called ‘Africa No Salaryman’. It follows three workers; a Lion, a Toucan, and a Lizard who live lives as Japanese White-Collar workers. Where not only climbing the Corporate Ladder but also dealing with unique situations in life as animals living beyond the Savanna and the food chain!


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