New Trailer shows new footage of Pokemon Anime

Pokemon Anime Visual

Ash became the Alola League Champion and now it is that time again for Ash to move on and explore another Region and discover newer Pokemon (The usual Pokemon Anime Formula, Rinse, Lather, and Repeat;) which also includes Team Rocket continuing to follow Ash and try to capture Pikachu. Titled ‘Pocket Monsters’ in Japan, we follow Ash traveling to different regions of the world with his pal Pikachu and a new Trainer named Gou, with this new Anime, has been promised old favorites and new Pocket Monsters for fans to experience.


In the latest Trailer, we see a new style of Animation that will deliver new stories and challenges for Ash and his Pokemon Team as they journey around the world in order to become the greatest Trainer in the world. Then there is the newcomer, Gou entering in the world of Pokemon Training; his goal is a little different from Ash’s, Gou wants to come in contact with the ancient pokemon Mew, the powerful Pocket Monster who created Mewtwo.

Pocket Monsters will debut on November 17th, ComicBook has more details on the latest anime.

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