Sword Art Online WoU Episode 1-2

The battle with the Administrator took a toll on Kirito, not only with the Ocean Turtle under attack by a mysterious group of terrorists that have knowledge of Project A.L.I.C.E. and the highly adaptive Bottom-Up AI. Kirito’s current mental state is abysmal in a matter of speaking, unable to talk, dim and lifeless only operating by ingrained memories. Let’s begin our review

To be perfectly honest, it hurt to see Kirito in the current state he is in, you might be saying to yourself while reading this review “Dude, it’s just a show, and he is a Character. The guy isn’t even real.” He may be just a character on a show but it breaks your heart to see someone that damaged or helpless. So now we’re seeing Alice become the main character of the story and it is fascinating to see how far her character is developing over the length of the two seasons; in the first episode, for example, we saw that due to her unexpectant arrival the villiage of Ruild was shocked to see her return with seeing her sent off due to her ‘Crime’. With her being reunited with her family the moment is bittersweet due to her father, the elder still standing firm to the punishment of being banished from the village, Eugeo would be proud to see her and her sister Selka back together. Meanwhile, back on the Ocean Turtle, we see Asuna and the others looking on, wondering what is going on and who is attacking the facility, It was great to see Asuna hold her own and be strong but damn, don’t apologize for losing your cool.

Credit: Aniplex

One of the most defining moments of episode two was Alice preparing for battle the Goblins and to stop the raids, the Underworld is in turmoil with the Dark Territory raiding the Human Empire and the Administrator wanting to turn the humans into Sword Golems has had the Integrity Knights struggling to pick up the pieces after what happened between Kirito, Eugeo and them.

Credit: Aniplex

I honestly can say that this season so far is the one to watch.

Final Grade:

Rating: 9 out of 10.