Today we’re going to be reviewing Action Lab’s newest comic called Killswitch, a solid Sci-Fi story filled with action and mystery. In a way, it felt like Minority Report except without Tom Cruise (Thank Goodness!) Writers Jefferey and Susan Bridges along with Artist Walter Geovani are the team involved behind this new series.

Credit: Action Labs Comics, Walter Geovani

As we mentioned before in the introduction of this review is that this story is solid from the get-go, Jefferey and Susan Bridges gives us a story that not only is Cyberpunk, Science Fiction but also an allegory of the Political Atmosphere that we’re experiencing; for example, the sociopolitical movement that is currently going on with internment camps, the writer duo does not let it override the story either. In this first issue, we are introduced to a future where powerful telepaths called Augurs are feared and persecuted but brutally used for their power; we meet Major Regula, a woman who turned in her own brother because he was an Augur and instantly became a celebrity. But soon becomes disillusioned by what she saw and quickly puts it all on the line to help captive Auguers escape confinement.

Credit: Action Labs Comics, Walter Geovani

As for the art, we’re looking at incredible Cyberpunk Landscapes, clean linework; Walter Geovani is an incredible artist and his team consisting of Colorist Brittany Peer and Letterer Simon Bowland give the reader a great story to read and visualize. Action Labs: Danger Zone has introduced a great Cyberpunk story that gives people who are looking forward to the new Video Game Cyberpunk 2077 something to enjoy while they wait for April to roll around.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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