Riot Urges Pro League of Legends Players to keep quiet on ‘Sensitive’ Issues


With trying to keep their hands clean and trying to avoid what Blizzard is currently going through with a potential International Incident, Riot’s Global Head of League of Legend eSports John Needham issued a statement mentioning that Riot has “reminded” pro players and hosts to avoid discussing “Sensitive Issues” during broadcasts about Religion and Politics.

They argue that personal views should stay “Separate” because there isn’t a “fair way to represent” in the space of the Game Tournaments. The studio also remarked, “There isn’t enough room for subtleties that this subject requires.” While saying it puts the fans and Riot Staff in danger, they also mention that using statements on its platform would ‘escalate’ situations that were already tense. If you haven’t heard or known but The Chinese Media Company is known as Tencent; in my recent article, I listed that this company owns a 4.9 percent stake in Activison-Blizzard. In February 2011, Tencent majority-acquired Riot Games while four years later it fully acquired Riot Games; The problem with this statement is that with how tense Blizzard has made the eSport environment with the recent ban of Pro Player Blitzchung, the wording in this statement might object in a similar fashion. There is a possibility that Tencent might feel pressured to silent Hong Kong Protests or face retaliation at home.


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