Final Fantasy: The Lost Stranger Volume One Review

Today, instead of our usual Comic Book reviews we’re going to review Hazuki Minase’s Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger Volume One. It starts off with our protagonist Sasaki Shogo scoring a job at Square-Enix and seemingly his dream of creating ‘The Perfect Final Fantasy‘ Video game was in his grasp until he realized his new job isn’t what he had hoped it would be, his sister/ coworker Yuko attempts to lift his spirits and bring back his love for Final Fantasy until a truck careens toward the Siblings until they are mysteriously transported into a world of Final Fantasy, one that isn’t like the games they are familiar with.

Credit: Square-Enix, Itsuki Kameya

The story started off with Sasaki drifting into a new world, thinking that he returned home but realizing that what was on top of him was a Moogle! The story starts off like your typical NEET story, (Not in Education, Employment, or Training.) Or Isekai story Such as Konasuba, No Game No Life, RE: Zero, Starting Life in Another World; but unlike those anime and Manga, this involves a Brother and Sister duo getting pulled into another World, avoiding (Or Possibly didn’t avoid getting hit by a Truck). One of the things that are a bit off with this is that it seems like a popular trend in Anime (or Manga) to get hit by a truck and wind up in either another world or dimension, other than that the story holds up, fans of Final Fantasy would love this story; Hazuki Minase does a great job in making sure that readers who aren’t familiar with the lore of Final Fantasy get a fair explanation. The comedic moments are timed right and the Characters are entertaining, they are lively and are what a story needs in a Fantasy Setting.

Credit: Square-Enix, Itsuki Kameya

The artwork is one of the other things that worked out for this Manga, the interesting nods to other games such as Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X. Itsuki Kameya is a talented mangaka, she has played Final Fantasy and her illustrations bring more of depth and dimension on this book. I recommend this for any fan of Fantasy, Isakei, or just Final Fantasy.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8 out of 10.