Spider-Man #1: A Overhyped Hot Mess


J.J. Abrams, nicknamed ‘The Man Who Rebooted Your Childhood‘ and his son Henry Abrams decided to throw their hats in the ring of writing everyone’s favorite Wall-Crawler, Spider-Man! It began as a mystery until it was finally revealed; Fans have compared this to Star-Wars as “The Force Awakens but with Spandex”. How does it fare? Well, let’s get into this review and find out.

Starts as almost every Superhero or Sci-Fi story as the City is being destroyed by a Super Villain, people running in terror as everything they once knew is destroyed before their very eyes; then comes the hero, Spider-Man. With Peter trying to balance humor with the serious situation they meet the newest villain and his horde, Cadaver; who kills Mary-Jane and then it went straight to her funeral, which serves as the reason for Ben wanting to be a Hero and then Peter giving up being Spider-Man and becoming the angsty father you see on Holiday films, where he loses his wife to an unknown illness or incident where he closes himself off and tries to be “Tough” on his son because he is afraid to feel love or remind him of what he lost again. The humor is forced at times, the love interest is introduced (Maybe, too early to tell with it but this wouldn’t be surprising.) But, an artist like Sara Pichelli was the only thing worthwhile about this Five Issue mini-series.

Credit: Marvel

Final Grade:

Rating: 2.5 out of 10.

A story that started poorly and relied on shock value and stereotypical writing, leaves little faith in Future Issues. For an Elseworld story, it lacks the charm and serious tone that Spider-Man stories are known for.

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