EA launches Project Atlas Closed Beta

It was announced last year but EA is joining in the Cloud Game Streaming Market, following in the steps of Google and Microsoft with their Stadia and Project xCloud, it is called Project Atlas.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Now, EA has recently announced a surprise Cloud Gaming Technical Trial that debut on September 10th, but that Closed Beta is for people who signed up for the Community Playtesting. But what do people get for this Beta? Well, it’s limited to Four games (Need for Speed Rivals, FIFA 19, Unravel and Titan Fall 2) and they will get a chance to see how Atlas’ Synced Game Progression works first-hand. No matter what device you’re playing on the progress you make while streaming will translate in Origin. For more regarding Project Atlas, head on over to EA’s CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Ken Moss’s discussion of Project Atlas on Medium’s website.