Scream Park and New Levels coming to Luigi’s Mansion 3

It might be coming October 31st but Luigi is bringing in a new multiplayer mode called “Scream Park” where two to eight players can battle each other in an Arena style ghost battle!

Star-Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Coming to the Switch

Coming September 24th, 2019 this classic is heading to the Switch.

New Looks, New Pokemon and modes introduced to Sword and Shield!

New Pokemon, new appearances, wait we get to make our own Curry Rice and Camp with Pokemon?? Sign me up!

Terry Bogard is fighting his way to Smash! More DLC fighters in Progress!

Terry may be bringing the Fury in November, but luckily we can play as Banjo Kazooie right now! But as an added bonus there will be more DLC Fighters coming soon! They are currently in development.


For more on Nintendo’s Direct, below is the full video of the Direct. Until next time, Keep on Gaming!

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