Batman: Dark Metal Review


Let me tell you a secret, all it takes is one BAD DAY, One moment that should NEVER happen and the ground beneath you starts to crumble, trust me, I know firsthand. ALL of us do, and now the seven most dangerous Batmen are here to drag you into the Dark; So yeah, one bad day will kill a WORLD. But one week? That could kill the Multiverse!

The Batman Who Laughs

When I first heard about this event I immediately thought it was something from the late 80s, early 90s due to how Grim it would be; it raised the question “What would you get if you combined Heavy Metal the movie, Hellraiser, and Nightmare on Elm Street with the DC Universe?” And here is your answer, A dark, twisted tale of what would happen if Batman didn’t have his moral code. But I caught up on the event and now it is time to review this Dark tale.


It was the reunion everyone was talking about, Writer Scott Snyder / Artist Greg Capullo begin their Journey with their New 52 run and it is described as “The Best Batman run in years” which they did have great stories for the Dark Knight but that can be heavily contested by other Comic fans, here we have a great superhero spectacle going on in this event and the duo made sure to pull out all the stops. As I mentioned before in my commentary above, it had a gritty vibe to it and by that I mean it has to be one of the darkest DC Books I have read in quite some time; This if anything felt like a tribute to the 1980s. Hard rock and Heavy Metal; Greg’s Pencils and Glapion’s Ink were outstanding with each page. Meanwhile, Scott Snyder’s writing was good but in some cases, certain scenes dragged on and most of the plot points were predictable or lacked any actual surprises; killing people left and right to show how evil and sinister they could be is a tiring trope.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

An event that had pulled all the stops but the predictable plot points killed the mood of the story.

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