Krypton Canceled at Syfy, The Main Man’s Spin-off is a No-Go.

The Science Council may not approve of this post, but Jor-El was right! Krypton is Cancelled!

In a new report from The Hollywood Reporter shows that Syfy will not renew the series or go forward with the Spin-Off involving Lobo. Krypton was about Superman’s Grandfather and his journey to protect the House of El’s Future Legacy.

Krypton: Season Two Trailer

The Drama was produced in an outside studio called Warner Horizon, the Studio couldn’t cut through and find an audience as mentioned previously through THR; Wednesday’s Finale drew about 350,000 same-day viewers while Season Two drew around a total of 408,000 viewers. It was down roughly around 1.8 million viewers from Season One if you included the three days of DVR.

Credit: Syfy, DC Comics, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Speaking of Lobo, they have decided not to go forward with the Spin-off Series, it would have starred Emmett J. Scanlan; for now, Warner Horizon will shop the project to other outlets. This is the latest series to get the Ax by Syfy, along with Deadly Class and Happy.


Well, I still stand firm with the belief that Jor-El was right. I blame the Science Council for this Cancellation.

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