Aggretsuko is getting a third season

It's overtime for Retsuko and the gang as Season Three is coming soon!

That is right fans, our favorite Red Panda is going to get some paid overtime whether Ton likes it or not! Director Rareko commented about the new Season announcement and said that he ‘squeezed’ everything he could for the two first seasons; there was nothing left to say. Still, even though he acknowledged that he is not ready yet after hearing the third season news, he is eager to get going on it and asked fans to look forward to it. Retsuko herself “appeared” at Monday’s stage event with special guest Freddy Lim, the vocalist of the Taiwanese heavy metal band Chthonic.

Credit: Sanrio, Rareko, Netflix, Yeti

Aggretsuko Season Two Trailer

Also, a reminder to our readers that there will be an interview with the Creator, Character Designer and Director of Aggretsuko; Rareko and Yeti on Enter the Anime.

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