Black Hammer/Justice League

Crossover Comics like this doesn’t come so often, one that serves as a Back Story and a tale; you have the Justice League fighting Starro in their world and then in another world, we find Abe Slam on the farm with Talky Walky, Barbalien, Gail, Colonel, and Dragonfly. But what does this man in a Purple suit want with The Justice League and Abe and his team of Snarky and smart alleck friends? Hold onto your tights! We’re going into the review now!

Credit: Dark Horse Comics, DC

One of the things I enjoy the most when reading stories by Jeff Lemire is that this won’t be one of your typical Cross-Over stories, Black Hammer is one of the most unique Superhero stories on the market today, and this story is living proof; it has a hint of the Golden Age of DC Comics, which is a breath of fresh air with than these big events such as Leviathan, Year of the Villain. This new, Strange Man in the Purple Suit reminds me of Myxlplyx in a way, randomly appearing in both dimensions, ready to make both the crew of Black Hammer and the Justice League’s lives a living hell. Michael Walsh does a great job on the artwork; bringing their peril to life as the Strange man prepares to give each team a “Vacation”. If you’re a fan of Kingdom Come and Marvels then I recommend checking this book out, for a first issue it has a strong start.

Final Grade: 8.8 out of 10; if you’re a fan of Black Hammer or just looking for something to read, this is a book worth checking.

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