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Mad Magazine to Cease Publication

What, me worry? Yes, MAD Magazine is ending.

“What, Me Worry?” A phrase we are very familiar with to a lot of readers growing up, Mad Magazine was one of the things that made life so fun and now as fans hear the news about their favorite magazine ceasing publication, it brings a tear to many as the old saying goes “All good things must come to an end.”

Credit: Mad Magazine, Antonio Prohias

But starting this fall, the longest-running satirical publication Mad Magazine will be leaving the News Stands, But will still be available through Comic Shops and mail for the subscribers; but after the fall issue, it will just reprint previously published material.¬†And when new material is available, it will only be printed in special editions at the end of the year and will pull from nostalgic cartoons and parodies published over the magazine’s 67-year run.


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