Pokemon teases the Alolan League in the latest trailer


Ash aims high again in the latest teaser.

Well, gang, it’s happening again, Ash Ketchum made it to another Pokemon League challenge; this time the Alolan League. With the Sun and Moon anime being a huge success with the fans for its relaxed to it’s approach for the Alolan region adventures, in some cases, to be honest, most of the series has felt like one giant filler like the Orange League arc.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Poster
Credit: Nintendo, Gamefreak, The Pokemon Company

It’s pretty hefty, getting intense from the beginning, witnessing Ash’s first time in the Indigo League, working up to the Kalos League. Curious to see what his chances of winning are, quite a let down to see him lose a league challenge time after time; watching him soar in battle, only to witness him fall which honestly he is similar to Icarus from Greek Mythology in a sense, Ash’s victories are his wings made of wax; like Icarus, he soared to great heights until he got too close to the sun which caused Icarus’s wings to melt and with it, he fell to his death. Ash flew too close to the Sun (reaching the finals) and fell to his defeat, both Icarus and Ash were victims of their Hubris.


The Alolan League arc begins on July 7th, be sure to tune in!

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