Final Fantasy XIV experiencing technical difficulties due to DDoS Attacks

Credit: Square-Enix

If you’re getting FFXIV errors today then you’re not alone, the Expansion for Shadowbringers went live for players who pre-ordered the game and with it has come with its share of errors, which usually is the tradition for MMORPG Expansions. But this time, it was a very different feeling for Gamers due to a DDoS attack on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV Game Servers. Players have been experiencing connection errors such as 6001, 2002, 5006, and 90002; Square-Enix’s Social Media Pages have released a statement:

If you’re not familiar with what a DDoS attack is, this is what it means: Distributed Denial of Service attack involves a hacker trying to overwhelm a network connection by overloading it with junk information.

We’ll keep you informed when new information comes up until then fellow gamers we’ll have to wait it out.