The long-awaited return of the JSA is coming back to DC Universe this fall. *Spoilers Ahead, you’ve been warned!*

Justice League #31 Cover, Drawn by Francis Manapul. Property of DC Comics Publication 2019©

Ever since FLASHPOINT, the Justice Society vanished from Continuity, with it we were stuck in the Dark period of the New 52 (it wasn’t too entirely bad, there were some good stories but a lot of it was more grim than positive. It turned that era into more of an Event book than an actual Comic Book). But then Rebirth came, bringing with it hope that was long missing from DC since its relaunch in 2011. Bringing back Characters such as Wally West, Ted Kord, and much more back into Continuity.

But then the event of the Button came, teasing that there were “Higher Powers at work” that changed everything that we knew of the DCU; in the recent issue of Doomsday Clock, we learned that Doctor Manhattan was the one who made changes to the Metaverse; he learned that Superman was the first superhero who made an influence on the universe and the people around him, Manhattan also took Alan Scott’s Lantern, which caused him to never become the Green Lantern which was a key plot point in Doomsday Clock with which the Doctor continues to change the timeline.

Doomsday Clock #10 Page 23
Credit: DC Comics, Gary Frank, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Martin Nodell, Alan Moore, David Gibbons.
Doomsday Clock #10 Page 23
Credit: DC Comics, Gary Frank, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Martin Nodell, Alan Moore, David Gibbons.

Now we move into Scott Snyder’s Justice League, it was confirmed that the World War II-era team was coming back in September’s issue of Justice League #31. In Snyder’s story titled “Justice: Doom War“, we see that the League is in a high stakes battle with Lex Luthor as the Year of the Villain wages on and the league is split into a three-man team combing the past, present and future to put back the Totality together after it was shattered to pieces. Newsarama reached out to Scott Snyder and had an interview with him, discussing his plans for the Justice League and Justice Society.

Justice League #31 Cover Drawn by Francis Manapul
Credit: DC Comics, Francis Manapul

What are your thoughts on the Justice Society’s return? Let us know on our Social Media and the comments below!

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