Punk Mambo #1 Review

Weaves a mysterious, charming spell.

Punk Mambo #1 Cover, Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics has always had a vast selection and Universe of Characters that are fascinating, unique but I’m not trying to bad mouth Comic Companies like Marvel, DC but there is something about them that reaches out to the reader. Take this, for example, Punk Mambo; gives off a Hellblazer vibe to it but she uses her power for profit but the thing you’ll need to remember is that the Loa are powerful spirits that command service and respect in Humans. Time to begin our review!

Credit: Valiant, Adam Gorham

The Story

Like I have mentioned before, this does give off a Hellblazer vibe because like John Constantine who uses Sarcasm but Victoria Greaves-Trott (Punk Mambo’s Real Name) is less self-serious, she’s snide, cynical, but from a glance its possible that she is much older than she appears. Cullen Bunn does a magnificent job of introducing the character to fans new and old, but also offers something that leads to a larger narrative; but he also hints that her attitude can influence a price to pay on the power she wields. But since it is the first issue of a limited series, it serves as a great First Act.

The Art

Credit: Valiant, Adam Gorham

Adam Gorham’s artwork in the first issue employs a variety of wider images, being cohesive and giving the reader a broader aspect of Mambo’s spell use and breaks down the action in the panels. The character designs are appealing, stands out and allows it to be complemented by the vibrant color work. Adam does a great job in creating eye-catching images, leading the reader a sense of mystery of what to expect on the next page.

Grade: 7.6 out of 10. With it being the first issue Bunn offers the reader a great way to introduce a Character for first-time readers of the Series such as myself, Cullen’s team has a good dynamic and it shames me to see that it is only a Five issue series.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy, check out Amazon Kindle or Comixology.