DC Comics will stop Double-Shipping Books next year.


One of the things we saw this year was DC Comics Rebirth relaunch shipped out a lot of titles being shipped out twice monthly, but DC started to scale back on what it double-ships, some titles remained on that schedule but now we’re seeing the publisher starting to end it altogether, we’ll be seeing it begin shipping titles once a month starting in 2020.

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Listed above is a tweet that was from a retailer named Ryan Higgins, he owns a store called Comics Conspiracy, also co-hosts a podcast called The GeekBox, and hosts another the Comics Conspiracy Podcasts. “There will be more information coming soon about Detective Comics, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Justice League,” with DC not making any public statements about the changes just yet this leads for us to wonder when the double-shipping will stop.

Meanwhile, this most likely leading to a reference to Tom King and Clay Mann’s new series Batman/Catwoman; a 12 part series beginning in January 2020. With it, leads the Dark Knight being shipped once-monthly again, according to CBR the shipping for Batman title already began the change earlier this week with DC’s Editor-In-Chief Mr. Bob Harras saying this “The new Tom King and Clay Mann Bat/Cat series in 2020 fill the gap once Batman begins to ship monthly.” Until then, the current titles double-shipping are Detective Comics, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Justice League.

Source: CBR

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