UPDATE: Manga Artist Favored ink will be continued to be sold in Japan


Dr. Ph. Martin Company issues a new Statement.

I have an update on the news that I recently covered about a Favored ink that won’t be sold in Japan anymore after December 31st, Then the Ink Company stated on Twitter, which is listed below with an English Translation under the link of Statement:

“As you may have heard, many stores in Japan have run out of Dr. Ph. Martin’s branded products. This is because there was a discrepancy with the main distributors.

Please understand. Dr. Ph. Martin’s will never withdraw from the Japanese market. Currently, the best way to buy our products is to use Amazon.co.jp. Look for the official seller account “Dr. Ph. Martin’s (JP)”. At Amazon.co.jp, you can purchase not only your favorite products, but also new products that you may not know yet. All goods are in stock in Japan, so you can receive them immediately. More than 260 products are available.

Please let other artists who use our products know that this is the best way to buy now. We will resume sales at retailers all over Japan later this year. If you have any questions or comments, it is best to contact us at @drphmartins_jp account via Twitter.

Dr. Ph. Martin’s products are handmade in small lots in Oceanside, California. The high quality of our products can only be provided by the patronage of our customers, and we would like to thank you for your help to the artists of Japan.

Thank you very much”


They did not address the price change however, I’ll keep you updated for any more updates on this story.

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