Spider-Man: Far from Home New Trailer Released (Spoilers Inbound and breakdown)

New Trailer, a Multiverse, and Spoiler warnings?

If you have seen Endgame then you know this will hurt, we witnessed a loss of a hero, Tony Stark sacrificed his life to save Trillions of lives and countless Planets from the Might of Thanos and his Army.

The Second Trailer

The Multiverse

Credit: Marvel

With tackling Space travel, the possibilities of the unknown in the vast reaches of time and space, the galaxy; Marvel has always experimented in the vast world of Science, Technology, and Science Fiction. Mysterio isn’t a stranger to traveling between universes as you could see in Spider-Men; where the Mysterio from the Ultimate Universe came to Universe 616 in an attempt to “Begin Again”. But, he is stopped by Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and the Ultimate Avengers.

Into the Spider-Verse was the first film in the Marvel Universe to tackle the idea of the Multiverse and it paid off in full with success, winning the Academy Award.

Tony Stark’s impact on Peter’s life.

Credit: Marvel

In Marvel’s Civil War film you recall that Pete got an internship at Stark Industries and of course a new suit custom made by Tony, it was between Civil War, Homecoming and Infinity War that we witnessed Tony was starting to grow close to Peter, at the time Tony didn’t have any children, Peter Parker has a lot of great potential as he could see. Peter from what can be seen that he grew to admire Tony Stark and his Legacy, beyond his Iron Suits and vast fortune. It is most likely that Tony filled the role of a father figure that was missing in his life since Uncle Ben’s passing.

The Elementals

Credit: Marvel

In both trailers, we saw Molten-Man and Hydro-man fighting Spider-Man and Mysterio; the question is why are they here and is it part of Mysterio’s plan? While it is a fun nod to Carol Danvers first fight with the Elementals in Ms. Marvel Issue #11 published in 1977.

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