Major upgrade to Sasori’s technique in recent Boruto Chapter.

The Fight with Delta brings back a familiar tactic from Akatsuki member Sasori of the Red Sand.

Things really picked up after the Battle with Delta; If you recall during Naruto’s youth, Naruto’s teammate Sakura Haruno fought against the Puppetmaster known as Sasori of the Red Sand. His ninjutsu of Controlling Puppets and Human Puppetry, Sasori is a man of many talents including making his body into an Organic Puppet!

The Sand Ninja replaced most of his body with puppet technology and relied on an organic core to sustain life and a way to make Chakra and Chakra Strings; Delta of the Villainous Faction Kara improved the method with new Drone Technology. This would replace Sasori’s need to replace his body, one of the Sand Ninja’s glaring weaknesses.

In chapter 37 of the Boruto series, we see that Naruto defeated the villainous Delta, Victory was in hand or so it seemed but as you see in the tiled gallery above a drone lifted off from the battlefield into the sky, flying off to the hideout of Kara; The Drone fitted itself in a machine and suddenly one of the capsules holding what looked like a lifeless body was Delta! Fitted in the Drone were her consciousness and her memories. She claimed it wasn’t a big deal being blown up but she has sworn revenge against Naruto and his son. Taking Sasori’s technique up a notch, it leads to the question; will the other members of Kara have the same tricks that Akatsuki had? Only time will tell, for now, that’s all, Keep on reading Comics and Manga!

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