Sonic Universe Volume Two: Mobius 30 Years Later Review

Time to travel back to a simpler time, before the Reboot and later Cancellation.


Seven years ago Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Book series was on top of the world with a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the “Longest Comic series based on a Video Game” while starting a new spin-off series titled Sonic Universe, the idea of Sonic Universe to expand the Fictional universe. Essentially a comic where characters going on an adventure that would later be linked to something in the main comic series. Our review takes place after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #167, without further adieu, let’s begin the review!

The Story

Credit: SEGA, Archie Publications

Our story starts as any other fairy tale would, “Conqueror meets Princess, Princess marries Conqueror for the ‘good’ of the Kingdom until a Teenage rebel brings back the true King and overthrows the Conqueror, freezing him in a Chaos Controlled stasis.” If you have been following the series since the introduction to Mobius: 25 Years Later we see that after the change in history (As the events mentioned above) Sonic and Sally get married, beginning to repair what was destroyed over the years when Sally was married to the former King, Shadow the Hedgehog. Volume Two collects Issues 5 through 8, the writing is superb, Ian Flynn has always had critics ever since he took over as Writer after Ken Penders left (And eventually began the battle against Archie Publications for years leading to the eventual cancellation of the long-running series.) But with Artist Tracy Yardley, Ian’s take on Sonic’s future was wonderful.


The Characters

Credit: SEGA, Archie Publications (Concept Artwork)

Even though we saw the return of old foes, we got to see new faces in the fight for freedom. Belle and Jacques D’Coolette, the children of Bunnie and Antione D’Coolette; one of the interesting things in the creation of these two is in the tradition of creating children for well-known characters, most of the time they ended up being Carbon Copies of one parent, with no traits from the other. Belle inherits her brown fur, blond hair and blue eyes from her father. Her tank top and shorts are red and blue, reminiscent of Antoine’s uniform while her brother Jacques, a yellow cybernetic coyote with green eyes. While taking after his father’s species, derives most of his color scheme from his mother. Lien-Da, the faithful follower of King Shadow and the leader of the Dark Legion, mother of Rutan, most likely the heir to her Dark Legion was disposed of after she questioned Shadow’s motives for using Tikhaos by ripping off the Spatial Armband she wore, causing her to disintegrate!

The Art

The Artwork in these collected issues was pretty fantastic, Yardley grew to instant popularity when he debut in the Sonic Comic scene, like Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley debut on Issue #160. The action sequences were clean, the expressions and there were a few errors here and there but not enough to bring down the story or the scenes.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

A series that had its Critics like most Comic Book Companies have; but it was cut down in it’s prime.

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