New details emerge on PlayStation’s new Console


Sony’s new PlayStation to be Backward Compatible.

Even though Sony will not be making an e3 appearance this year but they’re already releasing some new details on their next-gen PlayStation console, for example, the new PlayStation will feature hardware that will support 8K graphics and a new AMD chip for 3D sound which will most likely coalesce into an immersive gaming environment for users. They’re also getting rid of the hard drive for something new, an SSD card which will provide more of a faster experience, from loading to gameplay.

Credit: Sony

The most welcome part of this news was the announcement of the long-awaited return of backward compatibility, which means fans can dust off a copy of their favorite game from consoles past while expecting new games to be released in the future. While Sony didn’t confirm any new PSVR plans, however, they did confirm that your current PSVR headset will work fine with the new system. For more information, check out Wired’s interview with Sony.

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