Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere Thoughts.


The Finale is finally here, But Spoilers are not.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment we eagerly waited for finally came and it didn’t disappoint. This will be going over the thoughts on the premiere but no spoilers will be included. Let’s begin the discussion:

I thought honestly this was a great episode for the first of the Season, in most cases with certain big shows they have a lackluster beginning to start off the season, it has been the case with The Walking Dead the past couple of years due to bad writing or not getting a certain element that fans would expect from television companies that are overseeing production and the atmosphere around our favorite characters we have grown to love. Take for example Jon Snow and Daenerys, we have seen some great character building and some improvement from season’s past.

Credit: Game of Thrones, HBO

One of the Characters that stood out to me the most was Samwell Tarley, who is portrayed by John Bradley; he has taken a lot of crap over the seasons but the premiere showed off why you shouldn’t take Sam so lightly. He has changed the past few seasons, not the coward he once was; Samwell stood toe to toe with fan favorite Jon Snow and it was incredible! With the Army of the Dead and the Night King on their way, things will get interesting and with it an all-out-war with everything on the line! Then we find Cersei, some would call her the ‘Mad Queen’ but she has something planned for the ones who betrayed her and Euron has something that she can use for her favor, not to mention the Wall has been breached; with Qyburn, Euron and his army, and Bronn at her whim, will she win Game of Thrones?


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