Hidden Human History, Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor #5 Review

The Doctor and her Companions came across The Horder, a greedy treasure seeking Tyrant who was forcing two time travelers into becoming thieves, luckily with The Doctor and her companions’ help, they helped the time travelers stop the hoarder once and for all. For now, let’s hop in the Tardis and go on a adventure!

Spoilers, things are about to get tricky. Review ahead!

Credit: Titan, Rachael Stott

With tradition we see the TARDIS arrive in Europe during the 1500s, fresh from a journey in Space and a battle with the Horder; Yaz, Ryan, Graham, and the Doctor walk out of the TARDIS to find they landed on Earth. As she tells her companions where exactly in time they are on Earth, Yaz mentions learning about the Guelder Wars from a Podcast called H3, Hidden Human History which Ryan and Graham chimed in about it, which made the Doctor very jealous of a Podcast.

Red: Just interjecting some historical facts into this review, The Guelder Wars went on for 39 years and with it came a tremendous impact on civilians that lived in the region.

Unlike when they traveled to Montgomery Alabama in the 1950s and the early seventeenth century in Lancaster On-Screen, this will help teach readers about the conflict that was overlooked. One of the most touching moments in this story that was what Doctor told Ryan that a friend taught her that sometimes you can save just one, and that makes all the difference. That heartfelt lesson was from Donna Noble.

Credit: Titan, Rachael Stott

Another thing fans will enjoy is that this issue shows off the Doctor in all of her usual Gallifreyan self, and of course her manner of looking to help. There is a point in this issue where it shows off the Doctor’s brilliance when she gave a speech that was as inspirational as her spectacular speech from her first appearance in “The Woman who fell to Earth” in Series 11. Artist Rachael Stott captures the raw, emotional moment perfectly and especially when they come face to face with the Stilean Flesh-Eaters. Overall, this issue was a great issue to read and the creative team captured it perfectly, the Writer, Jody Houser did a wonderful job.

Final Grade: 8.6 out of 10