Unnatural #8 Review: ‘There is no Leslie, Only the Albino Wolf.’


Leslie has been through a lot in her life, especially now with the law for crimes she didn’t commit and a mysterious figure is after her, all because of an Ancient Prophecy. She isn’t alone, however, with her is two allies, a strong wolf named Khal and a girl named Saya. Can they stop The Glance and free Leslie from the grip of the Spirit of the Albino? Or will she be taken over?

Prepare yourself, Let’s begin our review!


Credit: Mirka Andolfo

“Once we get to Tjioux, Everything will be fine.. He only WON if you let that be true.”


Leslie, Khal, and Saya are still on the lam; The Glance and the law still breathing down their necks and the Spirit of the Albino’s grip getting tighter on Leslie each minute. Unbeknownst to Leslie and Khal, Saya answered a message from her cell phone to Jones and his crew. One of the things that work so well during this series is that it is Different. It is a good thing because most of the comic books these days tend to be more of the same old thing, “Earth is in danger, a cosmic threat is emerging” like in Superhero books; this issue is more concerned with advancing the plot and dealing with revelations and surprise elements that don’t turn out to be mediocre in the long run.


The Dialogue is done so well, especially when it comes to the exchanges between our heroine and the Albino. Mirka does a great job in showing how much of a physical toll it has been taking on Leslie, and on how far she has come especially in the Finale of this arc.

Image Credit: Mirka Andolfo

The Artwork is phenomenal, from the break down in panels to the emotional resonance throughout the story and that has been one of Mirka’s strong points throughout this series. I cannot go further in detail in this as I have in my other reviews because this story is something that is needed to be seen for yourself, the viewer. Check out volume one of Unnatural, it is on sale where ever comic books are sold and on Comixology as well.

Final Grade: 8.9 out of 10

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