Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog animator Milton Knight alleged victim of a hate crime.


African American cartoonist and animator Milton Knight went on Facebook to describe the terrible ordeal that had happened to him, detailing what had happened to him on Monday Night, a hate crime that caused him to be hospitalized.

Knight described that he was provoked attacked by a man that was yelling racial slurs, the conflict escalated into a physical fight, Milton also mentioned that he suffered with “cuts and a Broken Nose and a lot more.” The Assailant injured his fist both men went to the hospital. Knight wrote that he pressed charges on the attacker and was arrested for battery. He went onto describing the experience as demoralizing, “It’ll be a string of repairs for me. Soon I am going to die. I can’t take this anymore” he wrote.

Milton Knight is a cartoonist, who was influenced by Golden Age comics, was the storyboard artist, designer, and animator on the hit 90s cartoon series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Also drew for the Mighty Mouse comic series in 1990 to 1991. According to Pasadena Weekly, the cartoonist was evicted from his apartment last year after contracting typhoid due to the squalid conditions there, he also suffers from PTSD brought on by years of abuse from his parents.


The artist now relies on crowdfunding on Patreon, GoFundMe to fund his living expenses.

Source: Pasadena Weekly

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