Once upon a time, a Major Fan Favorite was brought back to ‘Fairy Tail’.

If you have been following along on the final season of Fairy Tail, it reunited the guild of Fairy Tail after being separated a year apart but the series has been many familiar characters return this season but fans weren’t expecting this character return so quickly.

During the Tartaros arc, we witnessed Lucy parting ways with the Celestial Spirit known as Aquarius thinking they will never see each other again, the latest episode shocked viewers in revealing the return of Aquarius and also surprisingly revealing a deeper connection between Lucy and Brandish.

In order for Lucy to summon the Celestial Spirit King, Lucy had to make a sacrifice, that mean’t sacrificing Aquarius’ key and with it ending their contract forever! However, with Aquarius returning to the Celestial Spirit World, leaving Lucy with the thought of never seeing Aquarius again.

This episode reveals not only newer information but clearing up a huge misunderstanding that Brandish had. She was harboring a grudge toward Lucy because she believed that Lucy’s mother killed Brandish’s mother Grammie for the Aquarius Key. Aquarius began to clear up the misunderstanding in Grammie’s death by showing the two girls visions of the past, the first vision shows Lucy’s mother Layla sacrificing her life in order to close the Eclipse Gate years ago. She gave the Aquarius key to Grammie; due to Grammie moving and wasn’t able when Layla called. Layla had no choice but to supplement the missing key with her life.

Because of this, Grammie passed on the key to Layla on her death bed, as a way to apologize. But on her way home, she was stabbed and killed by Zoldeo. With hearing this the two girls, Brandish and Lucy share an emotional moment that slightly mends the rift between the two. With the Celestial Spirit’s return, fans see a newer side of Brandish, as the two spend time a lot of time together, as they did when Grammie was in posession.

With Aquarius preparing to leave, she tells Lucy that there is a new Aquarius key but cannot tell her where it is. But she looks forward to Lucy finding the key and partnering up with her again.

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