Bill Maher attacks Comic Book Fans, insults Kevin Smith.

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The TV host and political activist lashed out again in his attack on Comic Books and Comic Book fans, and now he has dragged Director Kevin Smith into his attack. You may recall back in November, Pop Culture and the world were saddened by the loss of Stan Lee. Bill, is no stranger to controversy, decided to take advantage and chastise those grieving over the loss of an icon.

And of course, knowing the response he would get; Maher published a post on his blog lamenting the out poor of grief for Lee and the dominance of American Culture by Superhero films and Comic Books. Suggesting that those who were attached to the famous comic book writer and who felt sad about his passing were behaving childishly, lamenting that modern adults didn’t need to abandon what he describes as purists who were exclusively reserved for kids, such as Comic Books.


He would later attempt to clarify that his sentiments weren’t supposed to be a personal attack on Lee, just on the Comic Book Culture. Keep in mind, his show Real Time on HBO just went on Hiatus. When it returned from its hiatus on Friday he used the final segment of his show to attack the comic book fans yet again, this time targeting writer/director Kevin Smith who is well known by the fans in response to Smith’s negative comments from Maher’s original comment. ComicBook had a excerpt from the original transcript

“Tonight’s editorial is about Stan Lee who, if you missed it, died in November. And a few days later, I posted a blog that in no way was an attack on Mr. Lee, but took the occasion of his death to express my dismay at people who think comic books are literature and superhero movies are great cinema and who, in general, are stuck in an everlasting childhood. Bragging that you’re all about the Marvel Universe is like boasting your mother still pins your mittens to your sleeves.”
“You can, if you want, like the same things you liked when you were ten but if you do, you need to grow up. That was the point of my blog. I’m not glad Stan Lee is dead, I’m sad you’re alive. […] “Director Kevin Smith accused me of “taking a shot when no shots are f**kin’ necessary,” except again my shot wasn’t at Stan Lee. It was at, you know, grown men who still dress like kids,” Maher said as he showed a picture of Smith wearing a branded hockey jersey.
“Can we stop pretending that the writing in comic books is so good? Oh, please. Every superhero movie is the same thing — a person who doesn’t have powers, gets them, has to figure out how they work, and then has to find a glowy thing. […] “I’m sorry, but if you’re an adult playing with superhero dolls, I’m sorry – I mean collectible action figures – why not go all the way and drive to work on a Big Wheel?

Bill Maher

While Maher goes onto saying he is a man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind even though people won’t always agree with him this attack on the comic book culture has him looking like a jealous child who tries to get the attention of his peers by belittling something about what makes someone great to make himself look better. From a man who doesn’t hesitate to take a quick paycheck to cameo on a film of a genre, he himself attacks.

This wasn’t the first time he has made an accusation against Comic culture, in 2017 Bill suggested that Comic Book movies and tv shows are escapist entertainment that led to Donald Trump’s rise to power which if you think about it, it sounds like this comedian, has a personal vendetta against the Comic Book World. It would seem in that Bill Maher is trying too hard to be like Frederic Wertham.

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