Young Justice Season Three, what to expect and Thoughts on it.

As you probably have read at several other websites and on YouTube we at going to pick up where we left off (by left off I mean being put on the cancellation list in 2013 due to lack of toy sales on cartoon network’s idiotic standards and practices.) The team and the Justice League defeated the Reach’s plans and threw them off the planet but one brave hero made the sacrifice to stop their final plan and his name was Wally West. Lex Luthor was placed as the UN’s Secretary General; the world being awakens to find a sea of change, metahuman capable people living amongst them. Vandal Savage going to Apokolips and meeting Darkseid, the wandering question is what is Savage up to? What does Darkseid get out of this apparent partnership?

As we left off in 2013, the heroes tackling international laws and human trafficking (something you wouldn’t expect on an animated show, let alone one about Superheroes.) But the team who created the show left it in that direction but rest assured gang, they didn’t want to miss a beat! One of the other things to expect is a broad more diverse cast of heroes and heroines, what I am referring to is in the previous trailers, clips or screenshots that have been posted (or just from various interviews from the cast or the creative team) they are bringing heroes from DC’s rich history and universe such as the Outsiders, Spoiler, Static, Black Lightning. Not to mention heroes such as Static, Icon, Rocket, and Hardware from Dwayne McDuffie’s company Milestone Media. In my opinion is a great idea and long overdue, I hope this will lead to something bigger with Milestone Media, it has been quite some time since we have heard anything new on their front about their relaunch but here is hoping it will lead to something more with DC Comics and Milestone.

Young Justice: Outsiders Princes All Clip

We will also see Aqualad (Khaldur’ahm) take the mantle of Aquaman, making you wonder what the future has in store for Khaldur and wonder about Arthur Curry and Mera. Making her debut on Outsiders we also get to see fan favorite Barbara Gordon taking on her other heroic alter ego Oracle! Which raises the question if we will see her team Birds of Prey will make an appearance this season. Artemis will be returning to the team as Tigress but with losing Wally at the end of Season Two it raises the question of will this make her more hostile towards her enemies as she tries to cope with all that had happened in season two? As for Bart taking up the mantle of Kid Flash, curious to see what is in store for him and the Flash Family. Will we possibly see Jessie Quick or perhaps Max Mercury make their debut on Season three? Time will tell.

Looking forward to the premiere on Friday also will be including a review for the episodes this season.