Red’s Nerd Shop


Hello fellow Den Lurkers, as of June 19th, 2021 Red’s Nerd Den has officially teamed up with the company called Spreadshirt, A global platform for personalized clothing and accessories, the go-to place for anyone looking to realize their creative ideas on quality fabrics. Offering Merchandise for Men, Women, Kids, Babies, and Pets!

Here are several samples of what we have to offer at Red’s Nerd Shop.

  • Kid's Vintage Sports T-Shirt
  • Red's Nerd Den Hooded Long Sleeve for Kids
  • Dog Bandana
  • Red's Nerd Den Logo Tote Bag
  • Women's Premium T-Shirt
  • Men's Premium T-Shirt
  • Women's Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Teddy Bear-Red's Nerd Den T-shirt

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