Now Available On Our Patreon: Sonic the Hedgehog Volume Two Review


It’s that time once again. For another rousing Patreon Update! If you recall, last month, I relaunched my Patreon for Red’s Nerd Den. We had a poll regarding what Comic Book Series to review as The First Exclusive, and thanks to one lucky voter, we chose to review IDW Publishing’s Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Book Series, starting with the first volume.

It was the third licensed comic book iteration based on SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game Series, after Fleetway Publication’s Sonic the Comic, and Archie Comics’ Sonic The Hedgehog. There are currently 60 Issues (which include the main issues, and Annuals), 4 Spin-Off Titles, 11 One-Shot Titles, and a Special Deluxe Edition of Sonic The Hedgehog’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. Since its debut, it has been a popular series to follow, bringing in more fan art, Fan Dubs, and a lot of conversations on Social Media. Click the image below to head on over to our Patreon and become a member today!

Image Credit: IDW Publishing

Following their last battle, Dr. Eggman’s been mysteriously absent from Sonic’s life. What shocking secret will Sonic discover when he learns the bad doctor’s whereabouts?

Plus, Sonic isn’t the only one looking for Eggman–so’s his old frenemy Shadow the Hedgehog! There are twists and turns in the course of this high-speed, action-packed mystery adventure! But with a little help from his friends–including a new ally–Sonic’s fast enough to overcome any obstacle!

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