In its Second Weekend, Funimation/Aniplex has earned $6.4 million, beating Mortal Kombat which ended up in second place at $6.2 million, winning the Box Office Battle for a Second Weekend. According to Anime News Network’s Egan Loo, If this continues after the announcement of the final tallies on Monday, Demon Slayer will be only the second Japanese film ever — and only the second anime film ever — to rank #1 at the weekend box office in the U.S. The first Japanese film was Pokemon: The First Movie over 21 years ago.

Demon Slayer has become the third-highest grossing anime film of all time in the United States with an estimated US$34,118,776 as of Sunday. It surpasses the former #3, Dragon Ball Super: Broly (US$30,712,119), and only trails behind Pokemon: The First Movie (US$85,744,662), and Pokemon 2000 – The Movie (US$43,758,684).

For more on this story, head over to Anime News Network!


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