Support your Local Cell! Premium Bandai unveils new Cells at Work! Merchandise


Are you looking for Biologically-themed Fashion? Perhaps you wanted to cosplay as your favorite Red Blood-Cell or Platelet, well my friend, then Premium Bandai has what you’re looking for. In a new article from Anime! Anime! Akane Shimizu‘s Cells at Work! And Premium Bandai is teaming up to bring you new Character themed Fashion, character goods.

Red Blood-Cell Newsboy Cap
Image Credit: Premium Bandai

Let’s begin with this lovely Red Blood-Cell Newsboy Cap, recreating the district silhouette of the hats worn by Red Blood-Cells including an embroidered patch with the Cell’s Number and Designation. It fetches around 4730 yen ($44.86 U.S. Dollars.) Plus shipping and handling.

Platelet Design Big T-Shirt
Image Credit: Premium Bandai

Next up, the Platelet Design Big T-Shirt, an oversized T-Shirt with an image of a Platelet (including the Japanese word for Platelet in Romaji) printed on the back. This item retails for 4950 yen ($46.90 U.S. Dollars) including Shipping and Handling.

Platelet Design Bag
Image Credit: Premium Bandai

The last item on our Biological Fashion line-up is the Cells at Work! Platelet Design Big Pouch Bag. This Big Pouch Bag is a large pouch with a removable shoulder strap designed to look like the same tape that the Platelets used that read “Road Closed”. Then a tag featuring a Platelet silhouette carrying a construction flag and leaving small footprints. It retails for 7150 yen ($67.81 U.S. Dollars) plus shipping and handling.

Cells at Work! Merchandise
Image Credit: Premium Bandai

This can be yours too! You can pre-order yours at Premium Bandai today, these items will available for pre-order until March 22, 2021, with the final items scheduled to begin shipping in May 2021. And remember to support your local cell by eating healthy and following proper health guidelines including Masking Up to protect yourselves from COVID-19. Also, be sure to check out Cells at Work! And its spin-off series Cells at Work! Code Black on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix (The First Season of Cells at Work! Is available on there currently.)


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