Japanese Junior High Student wins Silver for Inventing Detachable Metal Bars in the response of the Kyoto Animation Arson


In a new article from Tokai TV, a station affiliated with Fuji News Network (FNN) recently reported on an incredible invention made by a Junior High Student from the Gifu prefecture has won silver at the Virtual International Exhibition for Young Inventors 2020 for his invention that makes the security bars on windows easily detachable from the inside in case of fire or disaster.

Detachable Metal Bar Display 2
Image Credit: Tokai TV

Tatsuki Inagaki is Fifteen Years Old and a Third-Year Student in Junior High School from Nakatsugawa City, in the Gifu Prefecture, recently he had an interview to show his newest invention in a demonstration. The mechanism works by pulling on the orange tabs which then releases the security bars, making for an easy escape through the window. The tab is so easy to pull, even a primary school student can use the new invention to escape through the window. Currently, the security bar on windows in Japan is fixed onto the outside of buildings with glue and is acceptable by Japanese building fire codes, which in the case of an actual fire, renders the windows useless as an escape route.

Detachable Metal Bar Display 3
Image Credit: Tokai TV
Detachable Metal Bar Display 1
Image Credit: Tokai TV

Tatsuki’s invention is a response to the Kyoto Animation Arson in July 2019, Tatsuki mentioned in the interview the confusion about the purpose that Security Bars in Windows had served in situations such as the recent arson:

Detachable Metal Bar Display 4
Image Credit: Tokai TV

There are times when a person trying to escape from a window they are prevented from doing so by the security grating… This made me wonder ‘Why is a security barrier, which is supposed to protect lives, actually taking away lives?’


For More Information on this incredible invention and the interview with the Inventor, Tokai TV, and Yahoo! News Japan has an exclusive interview with Tatsuki Inagaki.

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