Eric Trump makes a fool of himself after claim that Mob 100 is part of a scheme by Google to manipulate Americans


It seems to be a popular thing these days to make a fool of one’s self, this time we have Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump making a claim that Google is manipulating Americans by not showing any images of real-life mobs on their search engine, instead, there are colorful images and stills from Mob Psycho 100. If you’re not familiar with this series it is adapted from the manga series by the same name that is written and illustrated by Mangaka ONE; about a boy named Shigeo Kageyama, nicknamed “Mob” who lives in Seasoning City, ever since he was a young boy he was born with immense psychic powers, however, with this Esper power he cannot get his true wish, and that is to be with the girl he loves.

While the show is going viral (It is a great Manga and series FYI,) but it isn’t the first time a politician or businessman has done something foolish, take, for example, the Congressional Candidate from Florida, Senator KW Miller tried to warn people that anime such as Dragonball Z that promote the “Overly-Sexualization” of Anime and Cartoon Characters. There are bigger issues in the world, and people like Eric Trump waste people’s time by making assumptions and outlandish claims to try to sway people away from the real problems that plague the nation; Hate, Racism, Xenophobia, Poverty, Inequality, and COVID-19.

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