Heya All, I’m wrapping up my DCFanDome Coverage with a News Round-Up of what happened at the very first DC Comics Virtual Event. Here are several other big announcements from the first part, also a reminder that the Second Part will take part on Saturday, September 12th.

New Characters, Familiar faces all in the latest Suicide Squad First-Look

So we finally got a glimpse into the new world that James Gunn is working on with The Suicide Squad, having the perfect balance of anti-heroes and household names; not to mention explosions that make Michael Bay proud. Described by the Producer Peter Safran “This one is a gritty 1970s war movie combined with the brilliance of James Gunn’s characters and comedy.” For more information, head over to Newsarama.

Exclusive Sneak Peek- DCFanDome

The Suicide Squad: Roll Call!
The Batman Logo

The Batman faces off against the Riddler in the newest Trailer.

After months of waiting, we finally get to see Gotham in its Gritty, Noir Glory but from what we see in the trailer, a familiar foe is playing a game with the Dark Knight. The Riddler taunts Batman through a string of deadly, cryptic, messages; also, we get to see Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman battling Batman, and a glimpse of the new Batcave! Here is the trailer:

The Batman: DC FanDome Trailer

The trailer for the Snyder Cut has arrived!

One of the most talked-about campaigns to date has paid off (No, I’m not referring to that dud of a campaign Donald Trump has been pushing) and finally, we got a chance to not only seeing a better designed Steppenwolf but Superman in his Black Suit and it looks glorious. The trailer for the Snyder cut made its FanDome Debut, while it has a 2021 Release Window, this got the fans craving more!

Entertainment Earth

I said it first! The Rock debuts Black Adam Teaser at DC FanDome!

Artist Boss Logic and Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took to Social Media to debut not only the trailer but a stunning work of art to promote DC’s newest film “Black Adam.” According to Newsarama, the film will also introduce another familiar team and that is the Justice Society of America.

Rocksteady’s newest game unveiled, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Brainiac on the attack, Superman turned Evil, (Shocker. NetherRealm Studios has done this scenario already,) and it is up to the suicide squad to save the world. But from the looks of it, it looks like a fun game, but don’t be expecting it at Christmas because it has a 2022 release window at the moment. For more information on this game, click here to head over to Newsarama for a deeper look.

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