Redbox is selling off their Video Games at a Major Discount

After the news that Redbox was exiting the Video Game Rental Business, The Rental Giant has put its entire Video Game Stock whether it be Playstation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch for sale; this could be a big benefit for last-minute Christmas shoppers or a Gamer on a fixed budget. For Example, Engadget reported that the hit video game Marvel’s Spider-Man was spotted for a super low price of $10, and Death Stranding? Spotted for $25.

Inside Gaming’s insight on Redbox’s Game Rental Decline.

Listed on Redbox’s Website as “The Enormous Game Sale!” You can put in your Zip Code to see what is available in the Kiosk in your area, LifeHacker weighed in on the Game Sale, citing that each game would come in a Redbox Jewel Case (which that isn’t a problem for anyone looking for a good deal on that certain game that one Retailer didn’t have.) Most likely that the cause of the Rental Giant was cutting their service is most likely due to Microsoft’s Gamepass and Gamefly; Gamefly is a hard rental service to compete with when it comes to Video Game Rental.

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