Black Lightning, Seasons 1 and 2

“Justice, like Lightning, should ever appear, some men hope and to other men fear. My father taught me that poem when I was just a little girl.” -Jennifer Pierce

When Black Lightning was announced at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017 fans had a mix of doubt, excitement, and skepticism on the thought of a new hero show coming to the CW Network; some believe it wouldn’t be true to its roots and afraid it wouldn’t have an ‘Authentic Black Voice’. With the assurance of the Cast and crew involved in the show, moving forward to the first episode’s premiere lead to CW’s Highest rated premiere in two years. Even though they have said there wouldn’t be a Connection to the Arrowverse but Black Lightning is confirmed to be involved in the crossover ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. Now let us begin the review of Seasons 1 and 2!

Jefferson Pierce, Black Lightning Reborn!
Credit: DC Comics, CW Network, Tony Isabella, Trevor Von Eeden.

One of the things I can safely say about this series is that it is wonderfully written, balancing the day to day battle of being a Superhero, A Father, A Principal (Later becoming a Teacher due being demoted), and a role model for the community. In the beginning, we see that he is a proud father of two beautiful girls, one an activist and the other an All-Star athlete. What started to be a not so routine traffic stop; leading into an altercation due to the Police Officer’s racial profiling of Jefferson “for pulling a crime he did not commit“. As the series progresses, it addresses the struggles that Black people have faced, it is socially aware, relevant and that is what is needed in this day and age. While Jefferson takes on the case of the Green Light and an old enemy that has resurfaced named Tobias Whale, and let’s not forget the gang known as The 100; his daughters, Jennifer Pierce (Lightning) and Anissa Pierce (Thunder) are in the process of discovering their powers and how to control them.

Credit: DC Comics, CW Network, Tony Isabella, Trevor Von Eeden.

One of the other characters of the show that is one of the most fascinating was Peter Gambi, took Jefferson in when he was younger, became a mentor to Mr. Pierce, Season One showed Gambi’s past and his dealing with Lady Eve, a Spotter for the A.S.A with their Green Light Experiments, making metahumans. The A.S.A had a former member working in Freeland named Lady Eve, she was a member until the A.S.A had her killed to frame Black Lightning. With Gambi’s intellect and his skills as an engineer and a hacker, he is a great addition to Black Lightning’s team. Lynn Stewart maybe Jefferson Pierce’s ex-wife but she has been a pivotal part of the team and family; Unlike in other CW shows like Arrow, Flash, Lynn doesn’t come off as too whiney, superficial.

Never turn your back on Tobias.

Fans would tell you that Negan from the Walking Dead was the best villain on television today, but I’m sorry fans but Tobias Whale is the best villain out there today, Krondon plays the role of Tobias and he does a magnificent job portraying how evil Whale could be. A corrupt politician turned Crime lord with immense strength and hasn’t aged due to an anti-aging serum.

Final Grade: 9 out of 10, there are so many good things to say about this show, it has accomplished so much in so little time.

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If you want to learn more about Black Lightning then I strongly suggest reading it from the beginning. From the original creator of Black Lightning, Collect’s Tony Isabella’s Black Lightning series from Issue 1-11.