Comic Store Spotlight: Terp’s Toys and Comics


Yesterday I ventured to a Comic Shop to see what was new from last week’s New Comic Book Day, the place? Terp’s Toys and Comics of Temple Texas, the Owner is Matthew Terpening, he used to work for the Baylor Scott and White Medical Center in the Nurse Division; one day he had a miraculous idea to do something for Children of all ages and that was to open a Comic Book, Toy Store for his Community.

Credit: Terp’s Toys and Comics, Matthew Terpening

When you walk into his store, you will notice right away on the walls are clocks; but they are not just any kind of Clock, they are made of Vinyl and are designed after shows such as Game of Thrones, The Flash, Dragon Ball Z. The selection goes on as you look around, various selections of Marvel Action Figures, up to DC Comics Action Figures; also has a great selection of discount goods and of course Retro toys! Toys that vary from the 80s or 90s.

Credit: Matthew Terpening, Temple Daily Telegram

Customers have described the owner as a superb person with incredible knowledge on Comic Books and Collectibles, plus the programs he offers for Children to help them learn how to read. Also offering various things events like Hero Reading time, Funko Swap Meets, Action Figure Swap Meets; even Sports Memorabilia Swap meets.


Another thing that Terp’s Toys and Comics offers is an option to donate to McLane’s Children’s Hospital, you can either custom make a gift basket or buy a Gift Basket that is filled with toys, Comics, and other goods to brighten a sick child’s day or buy for any occasion. Listed above is what Terpening has to offer to Customers; including Back Issues, Manga, and a vast selection of Comic Books. And of course, Toys whether for kids or Collectors. If you are in Texas or just visiting, stop in and visit this unique Comic Book Store! Also, be sure to check out his Facebook and Twitter Page listed below:

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