Midsommar, A disappointing film that tried too hard to be Creepy


Ever seen a film that you wanted to enjoy but you couldn’t get into it because it fell into the Hollywood Tropes? That is what happened in this recent ‘Horror’ Film (I use that term loosely for this film) directed and written by Ari Aster; known for the horror film Hereditary has brought forth a film that claimed to be Psychedelic Horror and to be the Summer’s big scare but surprise, it was more of a soft whimper.


Credit: A24

While I give credit to the Actors and Actresses in this film for their hard work and performances, also for the Creative team but I felt that the Director’s personal experience in relationships was made too real, making it too awkward for its viewers. I give credit to Mr. Aster for his extensive research on Scandinavian, Germanic myths and traditions, touring museums, ancient farms and studying plants, paintings, and Viking torture techniques. It comes to no surprise but the drug use including hallucinogens was made as the main point of the film, it may be funny to watch for some (In most cases some of the audience I watched this with was finding it too funny.) in most cases it may bring up bad memories for some who have had real life-threatening experiences with drugs is an insult to people who have gone Clean and stayed Sober. The portrayal of someone who has a Mental Illness and then exaggerates it; the first fifteen minutes of the film vilifies Bipolar and villainizes it even more.

    Final Grade:

    Rating: 2.5 out of 10.

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