Hasbro Unleashes the Largest Transformers Figure Ever.

Hasbro unveiled its latest and largest new Transformer toy in their line up, this time it is the largest Transformer ever built and fans know him as Unicron

Unicron: The Lord of Chaos, The Planet Eater; known to many by these nicknames but this evil being is also Primus’s Twin Brother (Cue Corny Dramatic Soap Oprea Music!) He also made his debut in 1986’s Transformers voiced by Legendary actor Orson Welles; this Figure towers over Transformers standing at 27″ Tall, it is fully poseable and has 50-points of articulation, down to its jaw and fingers, when converted into its Planet Mode it is 30″ in diameter and with in its transformation includes “planet-eating jaws” and posable planetary rings.

Credit: Hasbro, Takara Tomy, Bob Budiansky, Nobuyuki Okude

Hasbro recently announced at its “HasLabwebsite that if it reached 8,000 orders before August 31 at 11:59 PM PST, “Unicron will see the light of day.

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