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It is that time again, What’s coming to the website?

One of the things that will be coming to our website is a one on one interview with Hero Nation Creator and Graphics Designer, Jermaine Dickerson as part of our Creator Spotlight. Jermaine is one of the most incredible creators out there today, and it is with great honor and privilege to have an interview for our Website. If you’re interested in seeing his work, click here.

Hero Nation: Ypsilanti Highlights

We have several new reviews coming your way, from Anime to Comic Book related. On the Anime reviews, we will be reviewing them by Season (Except for Premiere episodes, we’ll review those.) and not by individual episodes and we apologize for that. Also, coming your way we will be providing coverage of the Bell County Comic Con, more details will be available later on. And again, thank you all for your continuing support of Red’s Nerd Den; we are always happy to provide you with news and insight on various news or Comic Book related topics.

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