Saga Volume One

If you ask any Comic Collector, a fellow geek or nerd they would probably recommend this series from Image; Saga, by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples, it has won various awards spanning from Twelve Eisner Awards up to Seventeen Harvey Awards in the span of 2012 to 2017. It has won a Hugo award in 2013 for Best Graphic Novel; the list goes on from what this series has accomplished but today, we’re going to review the first Volume of Saga. So, kick back and relax while you read our review.

Credit: Image, Fiona Staples

The Space Story that focuses on the people; we see Brian K. Vaughn writing about the events that life throws at them, focusing on Characters deal with similar cases that we do, except with Alien races, Magic, War is thrown into the mix and it is quite a ride for the reader as we establish a connection with these characters.

It is done beautifully, Brian crafted a story with two people in the conflict of War fell in love and have a baby, willing to risk everything to be together. Shunned by both Societies they try to find a safe place, I could relate to Marko; trying to be a pacifist but usually backfires when you are faced with trying to protect what is yours. While with Alaina however, is learning right away what extent would you go to in protecting your child; this story is too similarly compared to life experiences, tragic, drama, funny, and emotional.

Credit: Image, Fiona Staples

For art, Fiona Staples is known for her clean, detailed artwork, she is handling everything in this title when it comes to the art from Penciling to inking, up to coloring you can see why first hand why she is one of the hottest artists today. She is known for her great designs and fantastical characters.

Credit: Image, Fiona Staples

In this reviewer’s opinion, I can see why fans are excited about this book, and the series in general; but it is disappointing to know that it was put on hiatus.

Final Grade: 8.5 out of 10

I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys Sci-Fi, Magic and Drama.