E3 2019: Xbox Conference Part Two

The Purchase of Double Fine Productions:

Comes to no surprise these days, that is like being surprised that Disney purchased 20th Century Fox. But with the maker of Psychonauts, Grim Fandango being in the hands of Microsoft it is a good investment for the company, it will help Microsoft build a good gaming library for its Game Pass.

Credit: Double Fine, Microsoft 2019 ©

Not much is known about this new variation of the Battletoads but it looks to stay true to the original, a few changes here and there but it isn’t too big of a change.

It’s moody, bizarre and from the looks of it, a Phil Collins Music Video. But finally got a release date for the new Gears game and it will be on September 10th, 2019; plus if you have the ultimate game pass, you’ll get access four days early. Of course, there will be plenty of chances of participating in different betas and ways to try the difficulty of the modes before launch. Pre-order customers or Ultimate Game Pass subscribers will get access to the Terminator: Dark Fate Pack. (Honestly, I was hoping for Predator. Sounds odd to say but a showdown between Predator and the Locust would have been cool to see.)

We’re going back to the 90s again, this time it’ll be a direct sequel from the 2016 film, it’ll be a first-person horror game made by Bloober Team, the team behind the game Layers of Fear. The story behind the trailer is about a man is wandering in a dark forest with his dog, Bullet. With it having an August 30th release, one would hope it will pick up some cues from the Resident Evil franchise on the first-person horror, It’s coming to Xbox and PC.


It is finally happening! Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the West! It will be released in Spring 2020 with it being free-to-play. SEGA stated, “there will be no limitations on game experiences such as a Class Level cap or direct purchase of high-tier weapons because we want to provide all players with a fair and exciting experience.”

Entertainment Earth has what you’re looking for when it comes to Gears of War Collectibles, click here and see what they have to offer!

Like a lot of the fans when they saw Keanu Reeves on the stage and in this new video game I almost spit out my drink and giggle with fanboyish glee saying “Holy Schnikes, it’s Keanu Reeves!” Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on April 16th, 2020.

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