With over 100 Creators on the project, Marvel Celebrates 80 years.

From October 1939, Marvel Celebrates its 80 Year History with Marvel #1000

Announced in New York Times, Marvel announced that it will be releasing a one-shot title that consists of 80 Pages in August called Marvel Comics # 1000, with each page assembled by a different creative team. Recently there have been plenty of teasers released and from the looks of it, this was thought up of by Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, declaring that it “Will sell a million copies of a comic book!

This is by far the most complex and complicated and difficult book I’ve ever had to assemble. More than anything, it was a symbolic thing.

Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort

C.B. Cebulski went onto saying “Our characters are mentioned in so many different ways and in so many different mediums and we always keep track, Now these distinguished individuals are able to contribute back to the comics they grew up on.”

Al Ewing will handle multiple pages in the one-shot, describing it as an “intricate jigsaw puzzle,” and was one of the architects of the issue’s overarching story, which involves an artifact called the “Eternity Mask.”

Credit: Jack Kirby, Joe Simon

“This kind of honor doesn’t come along often.” Ewing said,

The “Eternity Mask” does not appear to be a previously mentioned aspect of Marvel lore, though the cosmic being Eternity has played a key role in stories throughout Marvel history.

Marvel Comics #1 debuted in October 1939, and its title was quickly changed to Marvel Mystery Comics with the second issue. With issue #93, the title was changed again to Marvel Tales, and the series ultimately ended in 1957 with Marvel Tales #93. The titles Marvel ComicsMarvel Mystery Comics, and Marvel Tales, have been brought back intermittently over the decades for one-shots and short runs.

Marvel has not shown their ‘math’ for the one-shot’s “#1000” numbering, but according to Brevoort, the title is “symbolic.”

“More than anything, it was a symbolic thing,” he explained.